Any tips and tricks for Maytronics M600 / Active 60?


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Jan 24, 2020
Southern California
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Salt Water Generator
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Curious what others do for best practices with their Maytronics robot cleaners

Just dropped our Maytronics Active 60 in our pool for the first time and watched it clean for 2 hours using the Regular // 2.0 Hrs (Cleans the floor, walls, and waterline). Not bad, curious how it knows what it has cleaned and the logic it uses to clean vs. our Roborock S5 that maps our house to know where it has cleaned.

What are others doing for best practices using & storing
  • Cable getting tangled in pool
    • Minimize cable getting wrapped up in pool - (found this in the manual) Release minimal required floating cable length to ensure proper pool coverage. Leave excess cable rolled outside the pool.
  • Trying to get the unit to clean 10" baja shelf
    • Manually brush baja and steps?
    • Start unit from baja shelf?
    • Use the manual drive mode?
    • Other ideas?
  • Best cleaning cycle settings
    • Normal cycle to clean everything - Regular 2hrs
    • Remove lots of debris- Regular or Ultra clean 2+hrs?
    • Tile line - Water line 2 hrs
  • Cleaning larger spa
    • Anyone ever use to clean spa or always a manual clean only?
  • Filters
    • Ultra Fine Filters -- when to use these and what do they look like (use this year round or only when not a lot of debris in water?)
    • Spring (Fine) Filters -- when to use these and what do they look like? (use this year round or only when a lot of debris in water?)
  • Storing outdoors
    • Maytronics cover under eve outdoor
    • In a covered shed
    • Garage
    • Matrionics cover with no shelter next to pool equipment
  • Power supply Quick button setting configuration (hold for 5 seconds)
    • Weekly timer
    • Floor only --- (currently configured for this one)
    • Fast mode (cleans only floor for 1 hr)
    • Pickup mode
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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
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I own the S200, run it as needed, cleans the bottom, sides and tile line, I push the button again after it finishes a two hour run only if needed, remove it from the pool each time when done, pull out and clean the pleated and screen box filters (run both simultaniously), also rinse the bot and cord before storing inside the pool shed. I do minimize the amount of cord in the water but only one 2' coil is out of the water. I do not have an an attached spa or shallow shelf. I do have steps and always brush them before the bot run. Did not purchase the caddy. The internal box type screen filter was an additional purchase from Marina Pool Supply. Have fun with your new bot and enjoy your easily cleaned pool. :cheers:
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