Any reason to wait/not wait to shock

Jun 23, 2009
Columbia, SC
My pool was left open and untreated throughout the relatively mild South Carolina winter. The water is thick with algae and pollen. I've begun running the pump and have been using a nylon in the skimmer basket. To give you an idea how thick the algae is I have to rinse the nylon at least every 45 minutes because so much gunk gets caked to it as the water flows through. I'm familiar with the Trouble Free Pool method of clearing algae, however I do have a question. Should I run the pump for a while (a couple of days maybe) to try and get rid of some of the sludge before I shock it, or should I just go ahead and shock it now? Many thanks for your input.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
I'd start the SLAM now. It is getting warmer by the hour. Algae reproduce fast.

Don't forget to check and backwash/rinse that sand filter when the pressure raises 20-25% over baseline.

Make sure you monitor your water level so you don't drop too low for the skimmer.

Go forth and stock up on bleach/liquid chlorine. Beautiful day today to get started :)

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Apr 1, 2007
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Your filter will clog quickly if your pool is really full of sludge. I suggest that for the first 24 hours of the SLAM, you run the multiport valve on "bypass", then go to filter.