Any ideas on how to stop drains to work on multiport valve?


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May 21, 2012
I would like to retape my threads to the multi port valve but am not able to accomplish it before water comes gushing out. I am trying to think of some way to cover the drains to allow me time to repair, even better I would like to install another PVC valve to shut off flow to the multi-port.
I first tried putting some filter sand into a gallon sized ziplock bag but it's not large enough to cover the drains. I then made these rings out of old filter hoses. I filled them with pea gravel, taped them into a circle and taped visqueen over it. The idea was that once placed over the drain and the winterizng cap was removed, the pressure would suck the plastic to the holes of the drain. Obviously, that didn't work either. I could try to find a bigger ziplock bag but I figured I would find a forum in hopes that some one would have encountered the same dilemma. Thanks for any help!


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May 7, 2007
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Re: Any ideas on how to stop drains to work on multiport val

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The best solution is to remove the drain cover and plug the pipe opening with a winterizing plug. If that seems too complex, there are some shower mats that are large enough to seal a main drain if well held down around the edge.