Any Experience with "Clear Comfort System"

Hello fellow pool lovers. I am a new member, but have been a pool owner for over 30 years. Current pool is in Key West. Small, tiled inground pool, 5000 gallons, with a Fastlane insert. I swim everyday. Two families use the pool. We have been using dichlor + tricolor tabs and have over saturated pool with cyanuric acid. We are about to drain it and get a fresh start. All of us are retired and looking for ease of maintenance as well as lowering chlorine levels. We are looking into the Clear Comfort system. Any experience or advice? Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource to debunk non-chlorine sanitation systems. :shark:

Sorry, but you won't find anyone here that will jump on this bandwagon.

A properly chlorinated pool will not have any of the things this system says it is designed to eliminate.

The whole purpose of TFP is to allow pool owners to test there own water and then only add what is need to maintain a crystal clear pool, all with no public pool smell or burning eyes.

I was not able to drill down into how Clear Comfort works, but have to assume it is a metal based sanitizer. Something that we are not a fan of..

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Welcome to TFP!

What an impressive website. Pages and pages of impressive sounding words and graphs, yet not a single useful piece of information. Seriously, the words on there are no different than when they babble off a bunch of tech terms on Star Trek. They sound important and special yet are meaningless.

For example, the very first sentence on one page calls the system "patented and independently tested." Patented is a pointless term that sounds important, you can't buy a product without something in it having been patented. Independently tested is all fine and good, but doesn't say what those test results were. Just all junk marketing statements on down the page.

Stay away from chlorine-free systems. They may keep algae out of your pool but will not keep the water sanitary. Chlorine is effective at killing algae, keeping water sanitary, and quite safe and comfortable when used to TFPC specs.

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Jul 10, 2012
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I have done some reading on their site. I tried to get to the tech sheet have to send for it. What is up with that?

It looks like they depend on hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the water. I have sent our chemical guy a link to this post so he can weigh in.

There is nothing easier than having your own test kit and a SWG to make FC (Free Chlorine).



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I downloaded the Tech Sheet. It basically the peroxone process; you can look up Advanced Oxidation Process if you want on Wikipedia. The tech sheet is just as scientifically devoid of facts and realistic information as you get on their website. I would post it, but I don't want to violate any copyright agreements. Suffice it to say that have a picture of "pure atmospheric oxygen" passing through their cell where "UV light and 'magnetic fields'" create hydroxyl radicals....Oi! Makes it sound all very magical but it's not...

Basically their system is design to create/use a combination of peroxide and UV which leads to the generation of hydroxyl radicals. They might also employ at titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalytic substrate to directly breakdown water into a hydronium ion (H+) and a hydroxyl radical (OH*). You probably get just as much hydroxyl radicals created by the interaction of chlorine and UV light in an outdoor pool. Hydroxyl radicals are good at killing cryptosporidium spores and other "hard-to-kill by chlorine alone" pathogens, but those are few and rare in most residential outdoor pools. So, by using this product and low amount of chlorine with no stabilizer (although I suspect they have you use dichlor powder or trichlor pucks somewhere), you might be able to maintain clear water for a little while. However, once an algae bloom gets started because the user let the chlorine get too low, this system will do nothing to help with that and you'll have to massively shock the pool all the same.

This system will produce results no better than proper chlorine sanitation and will likely lead to worse results. While it is true that a system like this will not produce disinfection by-products (DBPs) and trihalomethanes (THMs) like chlorine does, a properly chlorinated and sanitized outdoor pool has very low levels of both.

This system will cost you a lot more money in the long run and lead to poorer results. It's basically as "low chlorine" or "chlorine-free" alternative sanitizer system...these systems never work out in the long run....