Another Winter Pool Cover Problem


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May 30, 2015
Ten Mile, TN
Last year I covered my above ground but had no pump. Rainwater pooled and forced water out with a "manometer" effect....draining the pool a couple of feet and the cover water was filled with green gook in the Spring. So, this year, I tried a cover pump --- plus I stoppered the various places the water could exit but still had several problems. First, the hose line froze and I fixed it with a hose heater. Then we were off on a vacation and a storm hit the area and blew the cover so much there was leakage from the pool to the top of the cover. Amazing since I had pool cover clamps about every 2 feet around the perimeter. Somehow, the wind still gets underneath. Well, the pump dutifully pumped the pool saltwater on the grass (which is now dead). This year the pool level was down three or four feet - twice last year.

I think next year, I'll either have no pool cover or wrap the pool in "saran wrap" so it doesn't blow in the wind.