Amount of CYA in 3" Trichlor Tabs


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May 13, 2020
Long Beach, CA
I've read that a tablet of trichlor is about 50-55% CYA. Around 7oz a piece that is 3.5oz of "dry CYA stabilizer?"

In the poolmath app there is a section for CYA. It allows you to select dry stabilizer and liquid stabilizer. Can we use the fact that there is 3.5oz of CYA in a puck as a method of adding (Dry stabilizer) CYA?

For example if you needed to raise the CYA by adding 1lb of dry stabilizer what would that be in Pucks? 4.5 pucks?

I'm just trying to understand how much my CYA will go up with each puck if I have to leave or if I'm unable to add the liquid chlorine.


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Jul 21, 2013
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In your 20,000 gallon pool each 8 oz trichlor tablet will raise FC by 2.7, CYA by 1.7, lower pH by 0.15, and raise salt by 2.2 ppm.
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