Am I safe to swim?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Oh good catch on the FC vs TC using the comparitor block test, Lori. I am so used to typing FC, I never consider TC since I use the FAS-DPD test. I *know* my pool's FC and its CC. No one here bothers with "TC" when they can get the better answer everytime!

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Jul 10, 2012
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Good job getting a drop test kit! I am glad you got it for now! At least you have the CYA and pH results. Those are very important for swimmer comfort!

FC test-you are seeing the weakness in that kit. It can only test up to 5 AND it only tests for TC (total chlorine) which is a mix of FC (Free chlorine-the good stuff that kills bad stuff) AND CC (combined chlorine-the bad stuff that shows you how much dead stuff you have in the pool).

Here is the test they are talking about: FAS/DPD Chlorine & CC's test

Now here is the "grown up" version of your "baby" test kit-

You can handle your pool for the party now. Go ahead and order the big test kit so you will not have to worry about your pool ever again!!!

I am also going to share a set of links I put together for new pool owners and people new to TFP:

Print these out:
Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule

Pool School - Recommended Levels

Bookmark these:
Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

Trouble Free Pool

Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

You are heading the in right direction!! You are going to LOVE how easy your pool is to care for with your own test kit and how much fatter your wallet is once you don't go to the pool store any more!



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how much fatter your wallet is
This is the honest truth. The only chemicals I've bought for the pool this season have been liquid chlorine (20 jugs at $3.64 per), CYA ($20), pH down (dry acid $5), baking soda ($8.95 for 14 lbs), and 20 Mule Team Borax (2 boxes at $4 per). I think all told less than $100, probably closer to $75.

I could have spent TONS more at the pool store, and not have sparkly clear water! The test kit is a major purchase, it's true, but you'll likely get 2 - 3 years out of it before you have to replace reagents. Plus the results will be better and more trustworthy.

So which kit are you going for? 😸
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