Am I on track to fix my pool chemistry?


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Sep 27, 2021
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I bought a house with an 30-40K gallon outdoor plaster pool. I'm told that it was opened by a professional, and I had a professional tend to it before I moved in. Which means, of course, the water chemistry was terrible.

Here's my chemistry, which is improved from where it was when I first tested:

FC: 4.5ppm
CC: 0ppm
pH: 6.8 or less
Borates: 0
CH: 150ppm (Was 75ppm originally)
TA: 80
CYA: 20ish (Was 0 originally)

This morning I added 8lbs of borax, which I'm hoping to have up the pH. The pool pump intake has an issue where it's drawing a bit of air, so the pool is getting pretty constantly aerated. I'll keep adding borax until the pH is better, and then start adding borax and muriatic acid until the borates are good.

I'm also looking for a source of calcium chloride to up the CH. In the mean time, I added a bit of calcium up and used cal hypo to fix the algae the pool professional never actually dealt with.

I'm also going to add more pool stabilizer to get to around 40ppm.

Am I on track?

Also, how do I find someone to fix a pool pump and slow water loss? All of the pool places I call are either fully booked or don't return voicemail?

Oh, as an additional aside, I got the TA measurements wrong with the TF-100 several times until I started firmly rubbing the tip of the dropper with the damp towel. My measurements were consistently 290ppm because the drop size was wrong, and I didn't know that I had to wipe the bottle harder for it to work. It might be a good idea to add to the directions, "If the drop size is not the same as the other bottles, wipe more firmly with the damp cloth."
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Welcome to the forum!
In your climate I am not sure I would mess with Borates, now or even in the future. But up to you.
Post up you issue with your pool pump and some of our members may be able to help you out.
As far as a leak, first thing is to determine is it the pool itself, or the plumbing.
The TA droplet size is a known issue -- see the NOTES in Total Alkalinity - Trouble Free Pool
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.
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