Air in the pool pump lines


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Aug 25, 2017
Mt Juliet, Tn
The cold weather sure did a number on all this old pool equipment:
1. Pool pump lid kit - $70
2. Pool pump union gasket for both ends - $12
3. Valve, gaskets, magic lube - $28
4. Spa motor + go kit - $200
Maybe if I'm lucky that will get me until next winter...


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Jun 10, 2014
Roseville, CA
I went out today to do a quick skimmer and robot leaf clean and I noticed that the jets had some air bubbling out. I went around to the pump and sure enough it has air in there. When I stop the pump all that air is released and the water goes down in the pump basket. Under normal operation that doesn't happen. The PSI at the filter is pretty normal ~18-20 psi. Any tips on what I should look for to figure out why air is getting into the lines will be appreciated.

1. All skimmer and pump baskets are clean
2. Backwashing
3. Removing the lid to the pump, filling it up with water
4. Tightening the lid up real good
3. Tried putting it into spa mode. In spa mode there didn't appear to be any air in the lines (video of it below)

Since it seems to work as normal in spa mode that tells me that it must be sucking the air in from the input or output of the pool lines?

Video of the pool pump with air in the line:

Video stopping the pool pump:

Video of pool pump in spa mode (only pulls from the spa):
At the bottom of the pump, and maybe the motor are plugs to drain water to prevent freeze damage. You might want to check their O rings and tightness.