Air in pump basket

Dec 14, 2020
Houston, Texas
5402691C-7FB7-4C1A-823F-9F87A38DB1CB.jpegHi all,

I recently posted about our 1 year old pool being built with one skimmer and no suction/vac line in skimmer causing it to have poor performance. Fast forward pool co agreed to add the suction line to the Venturi style skimmer and it immediately started pulling leaves in like a champ. However, I’m noticing air and bubbles I did not notice before in my pump basket AND we have water pooling behind the skimmer. The air in pump decreases on higher speeds but some is still there. It returns at lower speeds over night. The deck is not repaired yet. Builder saying this is all normal and that it’s a wet spot /low spot in our ground.

Our pool is losing just over 1/4” per day and the water behind skimmer is rising, not evaporating or draining. Before they cover up this repair with dirt and concrete I’m thinking it needs to be inspected. Of note is we recently had the pool replastered. Our pool was finished in Oct 2020 and it’s been problem after problem so I have been extra watchful.
We are in the Houston area. Clay soil.

Thank you!


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I have the same soil. :( That's too much standing water if you ask me. But for the pump itself, double check the lid O-ring to ensure it's clean and lubed. The lid may receive sufficient suction on high to pull down more tightly to the pump basket lip, but on low speed it rises slightly. So check that area well. The techs should be able to do one or two simple pressure tests from skimmer hole to the pump inlet just to feel safe about not leaks before covering.
Dec 14, 2020
Houston, Texas
I agree. Too much standing water and too much air for me to feel comfortable poring concrete over it and forgetting about it. Sprinkler system is off and all other areas around dry that I can see. Now to find someone to come test this. I know my builder is so done with us but we are too! I’ll check that lid seal, we have the lube from when we clean our filters. Thank you!
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