Air blower only works in pool mode


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Mar 19, 2019
new jersey
Hi everyone! My pool is about 2 years old, and upon opening it this year we're running into an issue. The air blower works perfectly when in normal mode (pool mode) and will go full blast for as long as I'd allow it. However, the minute I switch it to spa mode, the air blower pressure is significantly decreased and only works for about 2 minutes before shutting off. I did notice one time water coming out of the pipe the air blower is on ONLY when it spa mode (and then the blower shut off). I'll attach pictures of the set up. Any advice?


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May 3, 2014
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Typical cause of that is the water flow rate is so high it does not allow the air to mix in. Can you reduce the water flow rate to the spa? Filling out your signature with your pool equipment, etc really helps.

Do you need the blower? My spa works just fine without one.
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