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Aug 2, 2019
I found this forum through some Google searching around and read alot of posts on here already. I have a Coleman Vista 2 18' x 48" 6000 gallon AGP in the garage for next year so I'm going to start doing the planning now and get it done over the winter so it's ready to set up next summer. My plan is to use buried, rigid 2" PVC to the pump with an Intex 3000 GPH pump. The pool is a few inches higher than the pump as well. I have a few questions:

1) Will the skimmer work or will I need two, separate lines. The "factory" has two inlets already and uses a Tee in those two 1.5" lines. I'm also not sure if I should keep the 2" or just run 1.5 throughout and not worry about reducers. I'm may also put a ball valve before the Tee on the intake side so I can adjust the flow from skimmer and other intake.

2) I was considering 2" because there is significant friction pressure loss over 100' of 1.5 vs the 2.0. Would 1.5 be sufficient?

3) With the 3/4 HP pump be enough to push the water up.

4) How could I drain the buried line for winter? I was thinking of using the quick disconnects at the pump and pool to isolate the buried lines and used compressed air to blow them out some how. I figured I could use some screen and band it over the ends and let the water air dry for a few weeks. We don't have brutally cold winters usually in Georgia but does get below freezing at times.

The photo shows you a side view of the pool to show the pool connections. The connections will be facing the pool pump in actuality so the 15' or so is where the intakes and returns will be.
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1) The skimmer will work fine, but I'd add a valve in the line going to the skimmer and one in the line going to the wall suction. That way you can adjust either to the amount you want. You could also use a 3-way valve instead of a tee and do the same thing.

2) You won't gain much by using 2" piping over 1½" piping at the distance you have on the drawing. I'd just go with the 1½", but if you want to use 2" it certainly won't hurt anything.

3) That pump should be fine. a lot of people use them and are happy with them.

4) I have basically the same setup and I use a shop-vac or a leaf blower to blow the water out of the lines in winter. If you bury them below the frost line, you don't have to worry about getting all the water out of the line, just most of it.


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If you are installing a Hayward skimmer, you don't need the other suction port. If you use the skimmer to vacuum, you will need a way to shutdown flow from the side wall port. This side port is a weird size and will not be 1-1/2" inch. I'd just plug it and not use it if it was mine.

Having 2" piping is not necessary. You won't notice any difference over 1-1/2".

In your diagram, the Intex Vac Port is on the pressure side. Is the Intex vac a suction vac or pressure vac?

The OEM return valve is a weird size and not be 1-1/2". I would get a Hayward return fitting so that you can use the standard 1-1/2" pvc fittings up to it. You may have to trim the vinyl to fit the Hayward return. This will also have a directional eye that you can adjust to help flow.

The 3/4 hp pump should be enough to power the system. If it is the Intex pump again it is a weird size and not be 1-1/2"

I believe the weird size is close to 1-1/4" but not any standard pvc size you find in a hardware store. I've heard that the black rubber reducer will work marked for 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" if you want to try to couple to the weird size.

I use hard pvc on my AGP. I put unions in the system near all the equipment. I just use a shop vac to blow the lines out. It doesn't matter if you get every drop of water out. You just need to get the majority so it doesn't freeze and break the pipe. I then take a ziploc baggy and ruberband over the end to seal it from rainwater.


Aug 2, 2019
Thanks for the answers! 1.5” PVC it is!

The vacuum is a pressure one. It uses the outlet to operate. I had to double check it to make sure.

I’ll definitely look around at the return fittings and I do remember seeing folks using the black rubber reducers on their setups with the pump.

I’ll use the shop vac to blow the lines! Great idea. Forgot I even had one.