1. B

    Plumbing advice - replace ball valve

    Texas pool owner here. I have been reaching out to all contractors nearby but all have 4-6 weeks waiting period. Not a handyman man but finally made up my mind to fix the plumbing on my own. The ball valve on the right burst during the storm and needs to be replaced. Now I have all the parts...
  2. M

    Burying new PVC lines

    What material should I use to backfill under and around new PVC pool lines? I was thinking sand for under and first 2-4" over lines, then dirt. Please advise. If you recommend sand, what coarseness? Thank you!
  3. J

    Mystery Pipes (and 2" or 1.5")

    Hi, I am moving my pool pump and filter about 15 feet, so I am starting to plan for extending my plumbing. While doing so, I came up with a couple mystery pipes: One (marked "A" in the picture) is 1.5" and always seems to have a little water in it, usually above ground/pool level. Today, the...
  4. xtrsports

    Crack in PVC Light Conduit

    A couple of years ago my PVC conduit running to the deep end light must have frozen and cracked creating a slow leak. I "fixed" it by putting a small layer of epoxy around the area where the wires came out of of the cove. This was fine until last year when I needed to replace the light fixture...
  5. J

    My $5 Return Jet Aerator

    I've received a lot of useful help from this forum and want to give back a bit. My pool pH keeps dropping weekly and I need to raise pH without touching my already high TA so as a quick fix I've been adding Borax. I reached the 60ppm threshold and needed to start aerating. I looked at the "SPA...
  6. J

    Can I bury PVC pipe to connect pool to equipment? (re: above-ground pool)

    My pool is about 11 feet from the equipment pad and instead of using long flexible hose, my installer said I could purchase PVC pipe. He said I could buy PVC pipe and bury it only 4" or so under the ground. Does that sound correct? I like the idea of burying the PVC pipe so the pool and...
  7. Molly1224

    Opinions requested concerning old piping replacement

    Hi Everyone! After hiring a leak detection service, we decided to use this quarantine time to replace some of the old black poly piping and remodel our 50yr old fiberglass pool (bid was $60K to do it all so we are doing it ourselves). Note we purchased the home about a year and a half ago so we...
  8. P

    Do I have flexible PVC?!

    Hello all... well, I just began the process of re-plumbing my pad. I'm updating all my equipment, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to change the pad plumbing from 1.5" to 2.0". The plumbing had been re-done years ago when the previous owner relocated all the equipment from the...
  9. C

    What are these??

    I am about to redo all of my above ground plumbing but I cannot figure out what these two lines go to. They both are only connected to themselves and one has no valve on it while the one in the second picture has a valve where they connect. Please help.
  10. E

    My pool has a leak. I need an inexpensive solution

    Two summers ago, my pool began showing signs of a leak. My pool company did a dive test prior to close and patched a few holes in the liner I thought the issue was fixed but last summer, my pool continued to show signs of a leak. When I opened the pool in late June, the water level was VERY low...
  11. M

    AGP Buried PVC planning considerations

    I found this forum through some Google searching around and read alot of posts on here already. I have a Coleman Vista 2 18' x 48" 6000 gallon AGP in the garage for next year so I'm going to start doing the planning now and get it done over the winter so it's ready to set up next summer. My...
  12. A

    First hard plumbing attempt

    I purchased a new pump and the fittings were different than the old one (Game/Intex vs 1.5 inch). I used the following parts to connect pump to filter: 1.5 inch pvc pipe (10 feet) 1 pvc elbow 2 pvc 1.5 inch MPT 1 flex pvc coupling Teflon tape Pipe cement It was sort of an emergency job and...