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Jun 14, 2010
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Well in my haste to beat the onslaught of severe weather we've been getting hammered with on a daily basis and get my filtration system hooked up. I installed the check valve (back flow preventer) AFTER the auto chlorinator. Between the AC and the return fitting. I now realize that I installed it on the wrong side of the AC. Everything seems to be operating fine, so I'm wondering how this may effect things and exactly how big of an issue this is. I do not have a heater hooked up if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance to all the helpful folks! =)


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May 7, 2007
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Without a heater, it shouldn't make much difference. A check valve is often used between the heater and the chlorinator to prevent high chlorine water from the chlorinator from going backwards when the pump is off and getting into the heater.