after SLAM FC level going down really slow


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Sep 17, 2020
10,000 gal pool pleated filter use buffered chlorine tablets.
old test kit
dump a couple pounds of powdered clorine shock and hope for the best as it is off the chart
Day 1 old kit
green yellow alge problem immediatley appears to be gone pool is clear scubbed out dead carcasses of alge and wait for clorine to get back to 5ppm took about 5 days
day 10 alge is back
Order TFTest Kit

Day One
CYA 60-62
PH 7.3-7.5
fc 5.5 old kitsaid 3.5
cc .05 but could be my imagination hard to tell for sure
night added shock have powder so using it up no buffer
fc after adding shock 28.5 ppm
Day 2 did not add more shock
morning FC 28.5 cc 1.5
night FC 28 cc 1.5
morning fc 24ppm cc .5
night fc 20ppm cc 0 - 0.5 pool crystal clear
morning 20ppm cc0-0.5 pool still clear the point .5 is debatable after adding 5 dpd drops it might turn a little bit but one drop clears it up anyhow.
I am saying slam is done
night FC 17.5ppm cc0
Morning Fc 17pp cc0
Night FC 14.5ppm cc0 pool clear
Day 6 today
morning 14.5ppm cc0
night 14ppm cc0 pool clear

When is it safe to go in the pool with what FC level?
I noticed that at Cya 60 I should keep my fc at 9ppm is that correct?


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Sep 17, 2020
Thanks I have read all the material but I did not see anything in my reading that indicated the safe level for FC.
If I am reading it right on the chart at CYA 60 I should have FC 7-9ppm and slam level is 24ppm so any amount between is safe.

With the chlorine going down to 3 or 4 I can see how the alge could grow hopefully the new test kit I can stabilize it around 9ppm
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Sep 17, 2020
Slam seems to have worked all numbers are good.
Now I have to decide on the tablets. I have bucket of 100 suncoast complete but my CYA is up to 70 already.

Should I scrap the tablets and switch to liquid or use up the tablets first seems like a waste of 100 bucks but no way to know what the cya will go up to if i keep using the tablets.

Any suggestions?


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Yes stop using the trichlor tabs or you will risk having to drain some of your pool water as your CYA rises. Use the liquid chlorine to keep your FC in the target range or above, FC/CYA Chart Keep an eye on your pH now as the tabs are acidic and now not using them you may see a rise in your pH. Test your fill water to anticipate effects of additions on water balance. Watch CSI if you have a plaster pool. Calcium Saturation Index (CSI) - Trouble Free Pool
Keep the tabs dry and hang onto them they can be used in the future but you will need to monitor your water chemistry and estimate the impact of using an 8oz trichlor tab . CYA will degrade over time and you can bump it up with tabs and use them when away from home for several days.
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