Adding salt to chlorine pool.....


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May 26, 2007
HI All,
I'm happy with my Liquidator chlorine system but was wondering if adding some salt would soften the water a bit. Any benefits or drawbacks to this? What concentration would be ideal?


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May 25, 2007
I have had 1800 ppm in my non-SWG chlorine pool for the past two seasons.

Absolutely love it. The water feels so good, it's kind of indescribable. I know adding salt doesn't make it soft, but it sure feels that way.

At our levels, I can't taste it, and have never had anyone comment that they can either.

As for testimonials, the other day a friend of my youngest daughter told me, while in the pool, that she loved our pool, it was so "crisp and refreshing". She has a pool at home, and has swam in several others as well.


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Mar 29, 2007
I also have a non SWG saltwater pool. This is my second pool in which I've added salt (2400 ppm). Another real advantage and noticeable difference is in the eyes. They feel better and I swim a lot under water with my eyes open. As far as disadvantages, they have been discussed at great length on both this forum and at the Pool Forum. Though they are real, I do not believe they are any great concern unless you have natural stone coping or other stone features as it has been reported that some of the softer stone may show pitting over time. As far as corrosiveness, I personally have not noticed any in several years. One universal recommendation is to rinse off furniture and other areas exposed to the saltwater during periods of little rain. I will always have a saltwater pool. :lol:



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Apr 5, 2007
Joliet, Il.
I've also got 1,110ppm of salt in my non-saltwater pool. It feels much better on our eyes, skin and's very welcomed addition :)

At 1,110ppm I could taste it in our pool, but it's really not a very big deal. Others have also tasted it too, some had inquired why our water tasted a little salty, I never told them anything about the pool other than to jump in. They knew nothing about the added salt. But's no big deal.