Adding Baking Soda


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Jun 16, 2016
Manteo north carolina
My TA is 30. I used the pool calculater and it says to add by weight 65 pounds of baking soda to get my target to 70. My ph is 7.5. Never had a problem with TA before. Just checking before I go purchase all this baking soda and take a 35 minute ride to Walmart. Thanks
Mar 24, 2014
Greenville, SC
Target TA=50 first and see how that works out for you. You probably don't need to go all the way to 70.

edit: I get way less than that on the calculator. A little over 3 lbs to raise to 50. One of us is missing something :)


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Feb 20, 2018
Lakewood, CA
I was trying to envision you walking out of Walmart with 65 POUNDS of baking soda?!?!? Someone would probably call the cops and report suspicious activity... Would have been a fun story for the local news station.