Added calcium and now my numbers are off??


Apr 5, 2021
Springfield Missouri
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Hello I added 10 lbs of calcium chloride to the pool this morning to increase calcium hardness. Below are the numbers I had this morning.
FC 2 (I usually keep at 3 based off cya)
CC 0
pH 7.4
TA 60
CH 160
CYA 20

I added 10 lbs calcium chloride (didn't want to add too much at one time). Here are the change in my numbers. Is it normal for the chlorine to drop and for the pH to increase after adding calcium? I still need to add some more calcium, was planning on doing that in a day or two. Do I need to fix the chlorine and pH first? Or was this an expected change?
Current results after adding calcium
FC 0
CC 0
pH 7.8
CH 225


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Jul 3, 2013
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the lowest we can check for CYA is 30, below that is not able to be seen... if you can see the dot at 30 you have 0 CYA... need to get CYA at 30 or 40..

the CH added may have dropped your FC a little but it was probably just the sun and the start of an algae bloom that did you in.. the Minimum you want to be at for FC is 2.. minimum is a cliff, you never want to drive off a cliff or be near a cliff... so the recommended FC of 4 to 6 is what you want, so when you take you FC to 6 the next day you want to be at 4 FC, 3 FC is to close to the cliff...

Add CYA to get to 30
Take your FC to 6 ASAP..
do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test tonight to see if anything started growing :)
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