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May 17, 2021
Hello All,

We are setting up a 30' above ground pool. The pool walls are 52" tall and this is a round pool. We finally got the base level and the bricks in the ground. Been doing lots of research and wondering if I have done this right so far.

We buried the bricks so they are sunk in the ground and level with the ground before adding sand to the bottom. We were going to put the sides up and then put sand in the middle so it is 2" - 3". Is it better to bury the bricks and have them level with the ground so the sand comes up to the edge of the brick, should I have left the bricks on the ground and then buried them all with sand? I have seen both ways done, and not sure which is correct.

We have Styrofoam cove to install and we are going to cover the ground with a pool floor liner before putting the actual liner in. So many rocks.

Where the pool will be setup is primarily on clay/very hard packed dirt surface.



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Apr 29, 2016
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Bricks are level with the compacted surface / virgin soil they way they should be. The post feet and wall track sit directly on the pavers.

Install the wall track legs and the wall before spreading the sand out in the pool. Ensure you have an even level of sand around the base of the wall and under the coving. Get the middle of the pool smooth and even.
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