AA Treatment: Starting pH | Sequesterant dosage...


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Jul 29, 2009
I am getting reading to do an AA treatment, and have a couple questions:

I know that I need to maintain a 7.2 during the process. But, do I start at about 7.2, or will the addition of the AA take me there?

For my sequesterant, I got Proteam metal magic. But there are two dosages: One of a quart per 10,000 to remove stains. The other one significantly lower for maintenance levels.

I am thinking of doing the maintenance dose since the point of the sequesterant is not to remove the metals from the walls, but from the water after the AA has removed them from the walls.

Plus, I only ordered a quart of the stuff online. My pool store only likes to sell me chemicals based on their water tests. If I go in and say "I'd like some sequesterant", and I tell them why, I get a lecture.


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May 7, 2007
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The PH should be somewhere around 7.2 before you start.

You should use the startup dose of sequestrant the first time you add sequestrant, and the maintenance dose after that.

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