A little Cloudy


May 30, 2020
New Hampshire

My pool is a bit on the cloudy side (though I can still see the drains on the bottom of the 8' deep end).

Here are my readings (based on TF-100)

FC 3
ph 7.2
TA 120
CH 300
CYA 40

I'm thinking that I need to hit it with the 12.5 % Sodium Hypo/Bleach to bring up the FC into the 5 range. Am I on the right track, or might a clarifier be necessary here?

Texas Splash

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Hard to know exactly what is causing the cloudiness just yet (chemical or filtration). But I agree that with an FC so low, now is a good time to give it a bump up. Increasing to 5-6 is a good idea for today. Give the pool some "TLC" with a good brushing as well and look around for anything suspicious. If you think you are losing FC quickly, do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test to see if a future SLAM Process might be in order. If you pass the OCLT, your filter may need a good deep clean. But hopefully the increased FC for today will help.