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Thread: Liquid Sand Filter Cleaner

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    Liquid Sand Filter Cleaner

    Is this stuff really any help or necessary. ... r-Cleaner/
    Per web site:" Backwashing alone only removes large contaminants from your filter; while oils, grease, and minerals continue to build up over time, decreasing your filter's cleaning power. Adding 8 oz. this concentrated formula to your skimmer prior to each backwashing, will eliminate caked-on contaminants, allowing better filter efficiency."
    We do get a lot of "gunk" in the pool- pastures and animals all around, large pollen load, ground is greasy clay, plan to try leaving pool open this winter.
    I already have "ring around the pool" since the first week of filling and constantly have a scum line in the skimmer. I use a magic eraser on the pool and skimmer walls weekly, but will probably never totally get rid of the black clay stains. I am ordering scum balls and a skimmer sock, but wondered if this would be a good idea to keep my sand filter from getting gunky?
    28 ft round Doughboy Sand Dollar II AGP, Aug 2008: 4 ft shallow, 6ft deep end: 24K gal approx Hayward Power-Flo Matrix
    1&1/2-HP 2-SPD Pump, Hayward 27-Inch Sand Filter with a little DE -(2) 4ftx20ft Solar Bear AGP Panels w/ Goldline auto-controller, 50ppm Borates And some day, maybe this year, a DECK!!!

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    Re: Liquid Sand Filter Cleaner

    Acid based filter cleaners can help sand filters but they are not necessary (especially before EVERY backwash!) As an alternative I would suggest once a year opening up the filter to expose the sand, stick a garden hose in it, and turn on the water.
    The sand will start to move and float and a lot of gunk will overflow out of the filter. This will also help get rid of any channeling. If any of the sand is clumped together CAREFULLY break it up with something like a broom handle (but be VERY CAREFUL not to damage the laterals!) Flush out the filter until the water overflowing is basically clean. If you do this yearly you should not have to worry about using an (expensive) filter cleaner! If you find that your sand has clumped up because of scale deposits then using an acidic sand filter cleaner every 3-4 months can be helpful.

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