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Thread: A little different hurricane circumstances

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    A little different hurricane circumstances

    Yes, I read the other topic. Being in NE Texas, I'm not directly in Gustav's path but, well may get a lot of rain. (like maybe a foot or more?) And I have other qualifiers that negate much of the advice given on that other topic.

    I don't have a pool cover.

    My pump just quit today.

    Now what do I do??!!

    I know it's supposed to rain on Labor Day (some sort of natural law I think ) but isn't this a bit much?!
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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    If you can't circulate the water with a pump, then you may have some problems after a couple of days. What you're going to end up having to do probably is bring your FC up to shock level and get that pump fixed or replaced ASAP. The simple fact that your water can't circulate makes your pool prime real estate for algae. That coupled with the organic content that is introduced into the pool from the storm water is going to make things pretty tough on you. Why must these things occur at such inopportune times?

    Anybody else have any ideas?

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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    Get a small pump, a cover pump, or a sump pump, and set it up to establish some minimal circulation. You can go a couple of weeks without filtration, but you can't go very long without circulation.
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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    I hope to be able to pull the pump and hope it's just something binding the impellers. I was running the barracuda and heard it quit. The pump suddenly sounded strained an then tripped the breakers. I can turn the impellers but it's stiff.

    I haven't a lot of time to spare on it. I'm battening down the hatches. Projections for rain fall in our area is anywhere from 10-20+ inches. Fortunately I live on a hill so ain't worried about flooding. The bad thing is I don't have much shelter from the wind which is projected to be 30-40mph sustained and gust to 50-60mph.
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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    Where about in NE Texas are ya? Keep your eyes and ears pealed to the weather, and be safe.
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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    Good luck with this storm! So far today we have been out of our tornado "hidey hole" quite literally an hour. Everytime you come out you turn around five minutes later and your back in. We have had at least three touch downs and several water spouts. Keep your head low and batton down anything that could sprout wings cause the winds here are INSANE.

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    Re: A little different hurricane circumstances

    I've been battening down. I've been hemming and hawing over buying a generator for years. Can't afford it but finally gave over and spent the money for it. The freezer full of groceries will offset the cost somewhat. Now I just have to figure out how to hook it up.

    I ain't getting to the pump today and since I doubt there'll be any power this time tomorrow (that's when we're supposed to catch the worst of it) I ain't worrying about it. When the power comes back on, then I'll get to it.

    I'm in the boonies between Tyler and Shreveport. I don't have a storm cellar but we'll probably set up camp in the hallway. This place has been here since the 70s, we should be all right.
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