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Thread: Chlorine While on Vacation

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    Chlorine While on Vacation

    What is the best approach to keep proper levels of FC in the pool while on vacation for 10 days? I don't have a automatic chlorinator.

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    Lot's of pucks in a few floaters? May lead to CYA issues, depending on where your at currently.

    Find someone you trust and is responsible and delegate adding bleach nightly?

    Other than that, the 8 gal liquidator gets my vote.

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    I wouldn't think using pucks for 10 days while on vacation would greatly reduce the CYA. How much CYA does one puck raise 10K gallons of water?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tagprod
    I wouldn't think using pucks for 10 days while on vacation would greatly reduce the CYA. How much CYA does one puck raise 10K gallons of water?
    Going from memory, I believe almost half the weight of a puck is CYA. So, an 8oz puck would add 4oz of CYA, roughly. What that ultimately does to the CYA level after 10 days will depend on how many pucks it takes and the current level. May or may not be a problem.

    I have no experience with floaters. Not sure how long it takes pucks to dissolve in them, or how many pucks it might take to cover 10 days, if it's even possible.
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    One 8-ounce Trichlor puck (note that they vary in weight -- some are 6 or 7 ounces) in 10,000 gallons will raise the FC by 5.5 ppm and will raise the CYA by 3.3 ppm.
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    I had a friend who owns a pool "and understands" the situation, pour some bleach on day 4 and day 8 and I came home to crystal clear water. It's not necessary for it to be checked every day. Perhaps there is someone that can stop by once or twice and add some bleach for you?
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    If you have a cover, any type of cover, heck you could use some landscape plastic, dump some bleach in to bring your FC level up then cover it, with no sunlight it will reduce your clorine consumption,

    $150 will get you a solar cover, when you get back from vaction pool will not only be clear but warmer

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