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Thread: painting edge coping

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    painting edge coping

    Hello All,
    I was just wondering what type of paint to use on the aluminum coping around the edge of the pool? I was going to use Rustoleum spray can gloss white or Krylon flat or semi-gloss. I just don't want the flat paint to turn chalky or be hard to clean off scuffs. Thanks for your input.

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    I have the same question. I found on another forum that Vastec makes aluminum pool coping, and appears to sell paint for it.

    I haven't called them yet, but here's the link.,sho ... /Itemid,9/

    they also have a US-based site, but no mention of paint:
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    Re: painting edge coping

    Did either of you complete the painting of your coping? If so, what did you use and how did the project go? I want to do the same thing...I'm worried about the overspray getting into the pool water and ultimately on the liner.

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    Re: painting edge coping

    I am wondering the same.. my coping looks rough.
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    Re: painting edge coping

    jjdurrant, nobody seems to have experise in this prevent the overspray concern, I'm thinking I would try using a small 3 inch super-smooth roller. My concern with this thought is that it might reveal lines where the roller has been. This might be prevented if when applying care was taken to not have too much paint on roller. Oh well...if noone else with experience chimes in, we can kick some ideas around. Who knows...maybe there's a business opportunity here!!!

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    Re: painting edge coping

    Yea.. that might work. I am surprised no one has exp with this.
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    Re: painting edge coping

    I would mask off the pool with cheap drop cloths taped together as required. I would even consider using some of those cheap toy pool noodles to keep the plastic out of the water.
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    Re: painting edge coping



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    Re: painting edge coping

    Hi, new to the forum and just saw this post. We suggest using a small foam brush for touch ups, or a 3-inch foam roller for a complete repaint of the coping. The foam doesn't leave any streaks or drips and gives you a nice clean finish. Of course, you will want to tape off the first couple of inches of concrete and the first couple of inches of pool wall just to keep them clean. We can provide a touch-up paint kit if your coping is Vastec White, Tan or Gray, although sometimes due to natural aging it is difficult to get an exact match. We can also provide a complete repaint kit if that is what you need. Contact us at 888-282-7832 or at and we will be happy to help you find the right color and quantity. Thanks, Vastec Pool Coping.

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    Re: painting edge coping

    VPC, welcome to TFP!!

    This post is from when I was on 'sabbatical' so I missed it. Thanks for bumping the post

    If I'd seen this, I'd have said:

    "Aluminum coping can be repainted with Rustolium TM spray paint.

    Clean the coping with a TSP mix - be careful not to get the TSP in the pool!.

    Mask off the deck and use a shield for keeping the paint out of the pool! Use usual painting precautions to avoid drips! Also, don't use spraypaint on a windy day

    If you've questions about prep or technique, simply ask and I'll share what I know "

    While brushes certainly can be used, I've found spraypaint to be easy and effective. Also, as with any painting job, surface prep is KEY to a good and lasting end product
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    Re: painting edge coping

    Sorry but what is a "TSP mix"?

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    Re: painting edge coping

    Quote Originally Posted by beantown9
    Sorry but what is a "TSP mix"?
    Cleaner mixed with water.
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    Re: painting edge coping

    Thanks, for the reply. Can TSP be purchased at lows or Home Depot. Additionally, what kind of paint is recommended for painting the coping? I've read some mixed things on the forums, Some seem to advocate using regular old Rustoleum enamel based spray paint. However, wouldn’t the chemicals in the water break down the paint? I've had problems with the white pain from the coping coming off on my skin when leaning on the side of the pool.

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    Re: painting edge coping

    I just bought a quart of epoxy appliance paint to paint my coping. After reading the post, I'm not sure whether I should use it. Advice please ?? Thanks for any input.

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