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Thread: Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

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    Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??


    I'm a new member here, but I've used the forum pretty much every day since I purchased a pool a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the incredibly useful information! I've already recommended the site to three other new pool owners.

    Here's my current dilemma - and I'm sorry if it's been posted elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find an answer:

    Simply put, how should I store my debris cover while we're using the pool? I keep finding solutions for storing solar covers, but not the plain vinyl covers that come with the packaged deal. I just need to figure out what to do with the *%!$ thing while we're swimming so it's not sprawled out all over the lawn chairs or becoming a nice little haven for lovely things like springtails and beetles. Is there something specifically made for this? ..or do I need to make something myself, maybe along the lines of the Solar Saddle? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

    Welcome to tfp, fitchers bird

    Those covers are a pain. I do not have a great solution for you since I would just set mine on a bench for our fire pit. Your solar saddle idea sounds interesting, though I don't know how you would anchor it to the intex, but maybe a wall if you had it?
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    Re: Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

    Hi, fitchers bird. A cheap, easy and flexible solution for me was a resin patio storage box. I put it right next to the pool. Got it from Amazon for about 70 bucks with free shipping. It has the advantage of being movable, and it holds all the bits and pieces everything I don't want to blow away or clutter up the deck.
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    Re: Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

    There was a post recently where the poster used PVC strapped to the pool legs for the solar cover, looked really good.
    Don't see any reason why it couldn't be used for the cover.
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    Re: Daily storage of Intex debris cover ??

    Quote Originally Posted by George N
    There was a post recently where the poster used PVC strapped to the pool legs for the solar cover, looked really good.
    Don't see any reason why it couldn't be used for the cover.
    This is what I was thinking and is exactly what I am planning to do when I get a solar cover. Perhaps I'll do one on each side for each a solar cover and a debris cover. Then again, if I get a solar cover, I guess I wouldn't use the debris cover until winter time.

    OP, check out the pics in this thread. This is the PVC hooks George N mentioned. Simple and cheap. I googled "Solar Saddle" since you mentioned that and this is the same idea in DIY concept.

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