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Thread: Hello Race Fans! Indianapolis Newbie here :)

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    Hello Race Fans! Indianapolis Newbie here :)

    Hi guys, I've been lurking a while and finally decided to take the plunge and join in the discussions. This is our 2nd summer owning a pool, and the 1st summer that we've had any issues with it. We live in Indianapolis, so the pool is only open from around now till Sept. Our house came with an inground pool, cement, around 25k gallons. We recently had a brand new Pentair pump & Pentair sand filter installed to replace the old 'Jacuzzi' brand filter the house came with. We're using 3" tabs in the chlorinator.

    We we opened the pool about a month ago and our pump went out the same day! We had to wait over 3 weeks to have a new one installed so the freshly opened pool just sat there uncirculated the whole time. The water stayed clear, but I could see a pretty large "ring" of what I assume was algae in the deep end. Then we had a massive rain storm which turned the whole pool cloudy and turquoise (not green)

    Now that we have the brand new sand filter and pump, and after spending no less than $400 in chemicals over the past 2 weeks, I've got the pool to where its blue and cloudy. The water is clear in the shallow areas still cloudy in the deep end (can barely make out the drain). I used some commercial grade PhosFree, vacuumed to waste (twice), backwashed, etc.

    As I'm still waiting for my Taylor K-2006 kit to arrive, here's the latest reading I'm getting (from Leslie's)

    FAC - 3.0
    PH - 7.0 (added 5lbs of soda ash this morning and this is now closer to 7.2)
    TA - 100
    TDS - 1000
    Phos - 1000

    I'm really hoping to learn from you guys how to get/keep our pool crystal clear during the summer months, and not be at the mercy of the pool store!

    Based on my test #'s, should I be doing anything more than continuing to add soda ash until my Ph reaches 7.4? I'd LOVE to be able to get the water in the deep in crystal clear like the shallow end

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    Re: Hello Race Fans! Indianapolis Newbie here :)

    Welcome to TFP!

    Only raise the PH up to 7.2. It isn't a big deal if you go over, but raising it less will be better for your TA in the long run.

    Do you know your CYA level? That is crucial to know so you know what FC should be.

    I recommend staying away from PhosFree. It isn't required and might well be the source of cloudiness.

    What other chemicals have you been using recently?

    How have the filter pressure been behaving and have you backwashed/cleaned the filter recently?
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    Re: Hello Race Fans! Indianapolis Newbie here :)

    Hi Jason!

    Sorry, my CYA was 60 according to them. Also, I backwashed yesterday (as I mentioned the filter is brand new with new sand. was literally installed last Wed.)

    I haven't really started a chemical regiment this summer, so I'm open for any suggestions.
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    Re: Hello Race Fans! Indianapolis Newbie here :)

    Greetings from about an hour north of you

    You will need to read up on Pool School... there's lots of great information about water/chemical balance and how it all works together. The how to shock section will be your friend for starters... once you get your test kit. Be prepared with plenty of chlorine to get the job done.

    I was intimidated by what looked like an abundance of information, but really, it's an easy read and you won't need all of it yourself... it's always there for reference, and the people here are amazing when you have a question or problem.

    The pool calculator is a must use tool... Love it Makes figuring out what you need to add a breeze. You can find a link to it in pool school.

    You will need to be careful about your cya level, that you don't let it get too high to maintain a manageable chlorine level. Pucks either add cya or calcium. Your cya is high enough if the pool store read it correctly... hard to say. You didn't mention your calcium level, so can't help you there.

    You will find that tablets are much more expensive than is liquid bleach. I use a salt water generator most of the year, but supplement w/liquid chlorine (bleach). You can buy the household bleach (6% liquid chlorine), or pool store (12%). I often buy mine at Aldi's, but we use a small quantity so not a big burden to lug around.

    Once you get your test results from your kit, post them on the forum and people will be along to help you get started.

    Glad to have you
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