3rd season with our pool and frustrated!


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Apr 30, 2020
We struggled to clear up our pool for several weeks, it was a beautiful blue but cloudy and you couldn’t see the bottom at ALL. It is crystal clear now but as you can see from the picture there is still something going on. Pool store says it’s algae and continues to have us buy stuff and try different things. Can anyone please explain what exactly this is in my slimmer basket? First picture is right when I took it out (this isn’t even a bad day), second picture is after it dried.AD2FE84D-183A-48D0-8A95-AD9203F5E8BF.jpeg62A846C6-A14D-4A24-A331-6B0F0692A725.jpeg
I appreciate any and all help! Thank you!


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Sep 27, 2012
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Welcome to TFP
The knowledge contained on this site will save you tons of $$$$, most of us prefer to spend our hard earned cash on bling and pool floaties, not keeping pool stores in business.
The TFP method does require you to have the ability to test your own water, which is real easy with one of the two recommended test kits. There is also a bit of reading involved as ajw22 mentioned above.
Every spring I buy:
3 bags of salt = 25$
2 lbs of CYA = 15$
1 gal muriatic acid =15$
refills for FC testing = 40-60$ (probably twice what my friends south of the 49th pay)
I also have to replace the solar every 3 years but that is about all I buy for my pool now.