32' x 16' poor circulation


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Jul 16, 2017
white city Oregon
I have what I call a "Knockoff" a Bestway 32' x 16' above ground pool. It has only 1 return that's about 1/4th way down from the end of pool. It came with a really small pump & filter that I switched out the same year I purchased the pool. It also didn't have a built in skimmer so when I had the pool hard plumbed I also had a through the wall skimmer put in. My biggest complaint about this pool is that due to there only being 1 return & the location of the return there's poor circulation. I've tried the eyeball, & the circulator & neither helped much at all. I would appreciate any advice at this point as I spend more time trying to keep the pool clean then I do enjoying the pool & it's just me that uses the pool. I have a Sta-rite S model T200BP pump & Hayward S180 Pro series sand filter.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hi there, welcome to TFP :wave:

Are you having algae problems? If so, that's more a chemistry issue than a mechanical one. As long as your chem levels are appropriate the poor circulation shouldn't be too hard to overcome.

Do you ever brush the pool (floor and walls)? This helps disrupt any biofilm developing and allows the chlorine to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Tell me more about the pool...how you manage it, what chemicals you use to sanitize the water, how you test?? It certainly is a large pool... I wonder if you can't add an additional return?