3 way valve replacement and suction issues


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Mar 30, 2017
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Hi All,
This is my first pool, not much experience.
1) I have a valve above the pump that goes to 2 different filters (one small the other is large).

Somewhere in between the valve and the motor, or the valve itself, there is a leak as I clearly see water trickling out constantly.
looks like this:

I lose an inch of water a day from the pool. I did the bucket test and it is not due to evaporation either.
The valve is pretty beaten up, missing some parts, so I think I would want to replace it.
Should I?
If so, what would be the comparable valve I would need to buy?
What glue I need to use to put the pipes together?
I'm also hesitating as the piupe between the motor and the valve has been messed with and not much space to cut the pipes on the 2 sides of the valve either.

2) there are always some air-bubbles in the view-port of the motor, and I don't have enough suction to use the Hayward Pool Vac.
Could the above mentioned leak cause that? if not, what else. I got the Pool Vac recently rebuilt, and as long as I hold it upside down under the water, I can see the legs doing the crawly motion. However as soon as I let it go on the bottom of the pool, it stops moving.

Thank you for any help.


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May 15, 2014
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1.) The first thing to check is the o-ring in the valve itself. With the pump off, remove the valve handle then the eight phillips screws and the valve will pull apart. There is an o-ring in there to seal the valve. It is often the culprit. A google search on the valve (maybe there's a name on the handle) should give you a part number/size for the o-ring. You can get one ahead of the work so its a quick fix.

2.) The valve leak on the outlet of the pump will not cause air bubbles in the pump basket. However, you have a similar valve on the inlet to the pump - a failed o-ring on that one will cause air in the basket and reduce your ability to vacuum.

Those are generally Jandy 3-way valves.


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Aug 10, 2012
Welcome to TFP!

Yes, an inch a day is too much. Normal evaporation is 1/8"-1/4" per day.

That is a Jandy valve and you can buy replacement parts to repair it without replacing the valve body. You can buy parts from INYO Pool or Sunplay. I think INYO probably has a video about how to do that. Often some silicone o-ring grease will solve problems.

If you do decide to do some plumbing I prefer to use Oates blue pvc glue from Lowes. It is designed to work and set up in wet applications.

No, the leak on the pressure side of the pump will not impact air in the basket or any issues on the suction side of the pump. A little air in the basket is OK as long as it doesn't continue to increase.

Is your cleaner a pressure cleaner? Is it driven by the pipe going to the left from that valve? If you turn the handle on the valve to the left does it work better?


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Mar 30, 2017
Brandon, Fl
Thank you for the answers. I have checked the leak on the top of the valve and the valve itself is as well as the valve joints are all dry. As I was looking further down I have realized that the water is coming from between the 2 extenders, underneath the valve. Is there such a thing as extending an extender? I don't see how else I can fix the leak, except cutting the whole thing out, but then I lose the apparently working valve. I have tried to attach the picture where I mark the place of the leak, but I got a message that I'm over the limit? Should I edit my earlier images in my first post to a smaller size, or delete some, to be able to post it?