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Thread: Hole in Wall

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    Hole in Wall

    I have a 24' round above ground pool. I have a pencil size hole in the metal wall with water streaming out of it, what should I do?

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    I take it there is a corresponding hole in the vinyl liner? The liner can be patched fairly easily with a liner patch kit. A hole that small in the metal wall shouldn't cause any structural problems. As long as the metal panel is flat around the hole and doesn't have any burrs stick up towards the liner there shouldn't be a problem.
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    hole in pool wall

    i discovered the problem this morning as I was leaving for work and did not have the time to investigate. I will look for a hole in the liner and patch that when I get home and hopefully it will solve my problem. Thanks for your input.

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    brown spots

    I also have a bunch of brown spots on the floor of my vinyl liner, what causes them and can they be removed?

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    Someone doing drive by pool shootings in your 'hood???
    if it's relatively close to the top, you can pull the liner back from the wall and jb weld a small piece of thin plate over the hole in the steel, if it's lower, jb weld in on from the outside - both to be done after patching liner of course

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    hole in the pool wall

    after investigating last night, I patched the hole in the liner which seems to be holding. The hole in the wall turns out to be a rust spot - it must have been leaking there for quite some time because the hole in the wall is about the size of a golf ball and the area around the hole and down the wall approximately 1 foot is weak from the rust. The rusted hole must have caused the tear in the liner. My pool is about 12 year old - can this be fixed or is a new pool in order? If I do need a new pool, can you recommend a good brand with cost in mind? Thanks!

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    Hello Demi,
    Ok, so your neighbourhood is still safe from pool shooters!
    As for the rusted area - must have been leaking for a very long time. Since it sounds like the rust extends down to the floor bottom of the wall, there isn't an easy fix per say, I would patch it on the outside as I had stated before - at least to get you through the summer.

    Since your pool is 12 years old, the liner is likely on it's last legs anyways, so there are several options available to you.
    Next spring - instead of opening your pool, drain it and remove/toss the liner, inspect your pool wall - likely there will be more rust, possibly to the point where you will have to replace the pool, however, in the off chance that this is the only bad spot, you should be able to clean up the rust, prime the spot, then cover it with a piece of galvanized sheet metal fastened to the inside of the wall - using JB weld or a similar product, make sure you get a good amount of overlap beyond the rust spot. Cover this in a paint on tar that also overlaps to the original pool wall. You can then cover the edges of this with duct tape to eliminate any sharp edges that may be there.
    Check the floor of the pool for anything that may have worked it's way up through your base, maybe add a little sand if you need it, order a new liner, install it and fill - your pool should be good for another 10 years.

    If you do need to replace the pool, Vogue makes beautiful pools with many advanced features and benefits not found on your average pools - prices are about the same to a regular AG pool.
    I would recommend you address the new pool issue again in the spring should you need to do so then.

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    hole in pool wall

    Thank you for your advice.

    My local pool store sells Sharkline, Lomart and Outback pools - any opinions on those brands?

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