1st year winterizing inground pool in my new home


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Nov 6, 2014
East norriton pa
Hi all,
I'm new to this great forum Im in need of a little help to make sure I'm winterizing my inground pool my main question is I have a main drain but no valve it appears to me it tied in with the skimmer I have the previous homeowners equipment and the skimmer plug is a double rubber plug could I be right on this assumption I'll start with this question as I have couple more but don't wanna be long and drawn out

Thanks in advance


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May 15, 2007
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If you have no valve for the main drain, you will want to get some 1" foam rope. You will use about 4' and push it down the hole in the skimmer that goes to the main drain. Then you simply plug it. The foam rope gives the ice, if any forms, a chance to grow inwards rather then outwards and break the pipe. You then blow out all returns and skimmer from the equipment pad. Adding antifreeze is an added insurance for any water that you didn't get out. Then you plug the lines, add a gizmo to the skimmer, grab a coffee and sit inside and sulk til the spring comes.