1st bad opening


Jun 10, 2014
Heiskell, TN
So here’s my concern (then I’ll tell the why / how it’s happened)
Above ground pool has about 12” water in it, I’m slowly pumping out water that’s left with hopes of ‘starting over’, keeping water as stirred up as possible hoping pump will suck out the ‘dirt’. So I’m not too concerned about any water left in it, I know I can get that straightened out, we’ve gotten 99% of the leaves out, how do I get the ‘dirt’out, the stuff that settles to the bottom?

We discovered a hole in the pool cover just today (sick of replacing covers every single year), we thought we might have a very slow leak but now we’re not sure, we may have been sucking the pool water out of the pool while pumping water off the cover all winter (we did have a lot of rain, always do.
This is my 5th year with a pool, so far I’ve had perfect openings.




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Jan 6, 2010
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Thought about doing that, once it’s filled run the vacuum on waste, just hated to put nice clean water into a dirty bottom pool lol😂
You can vacuum on filter. That's what I do. When all you're picking up is dust, you don't need to waste thousands of gallons of water. That's what the filter is for -- to filter out dirt!