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Thread: Can u please help.

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    Can u please help.

    I recently bought a house with a 30' above ground pool. I am new with the BBB method, and any method for that matter, but want to give it a try. The last owners left alot of chemicals behind that I would like to use if possible. I started out with a green swamp. I recieved my TF-100 kit the other day and have been working with it and the "Pool School" trying to do it on my own, but haven't seen any changes to my pool. My current readings are as follows:

    FC 11.5
    CC .5
    TC 12
    PH 7.2
    T/A 44
    CYA 25

    I have been running my sand filter for a week solid and still have slightly green, extremly cloudy water. I have been backwashing daily.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I am about ready to give up and doze it in.

    By the way, my pool is a 30" round above ground. With approx. 23800 gal. I have a Megnetek 1.5 hp pump with a sand filter.

    Thank you,
    Fathom G.
    30' Round, Sand Filter, Above Ground

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    Re: Can u please help.

    Welcome to TFP.

    The real key is to be very consistent with the chlorine. Don't go more than 8 hours between tests. 4 hours is even better. 1 hour increments are even better than that at the beginning.
    If you ever let the chlorine drop down to near zero, it gives the algae a chance to recover and you lose a lot of ground.

    I'd run your chlorine at 15ppm. Brush and/or vacuum the pool as often as you have time. 2X a day is great if you can. This keeps the algae exposed to the chlorine and it keeps the debris stirred up so the filter has a chance to get it.

    The TF-100 only measures TA in 10ppm increments, so 44 isn't a good reading.

    Unfortunately you don't know for sure that the filter works like it should. Are you getting green water from the backwash line when you backwash?
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    Re: Can u please help.

    I am sorry the TA is 40 and yes I am getting green water when I backwash.
    Fathom G.
    30' Round, Sand Filter, Above Ground

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    Re: Can u please help.

    You aren't doing anything wrong. You just have to stay with it, be consistent, and be patient. Brush it lots and check the FC frequently. The more you focus on maintaining that FC, the sooner it will get clear and trust me, if you do these things, it WILL get clear.

    If you haven't been doing this already, be sure that you run your pump and filter that water 24/7 until the process is completed.

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