1963 pool resurection


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Jun 9, 2013
Newcastle, Oklahoma
awesome! man.... who would ever fill in such a nice pool?.... if they would have only known about the BBB method back in '95.... this pool would probably not have to be brought back from the dead...


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Mar 19, 2013
Rochester, NY
Jimbo, your family must be SO excited. This is amazing and will be a memory for all. Thanks for TFT for allowing us to "blog" and follow our experiences. Tagging to follow....


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Aug 3, 2013
long beach, CA
Thanks guys.
We do have a couple of very real problems.
#1 the holes in the bottom are much bigger than we had hoped for.
#2 when digging out the pool of piece of coping was broken. Not sure if it can be repaired or not but doubt it. This would mean replacing all coping and tiles which we were hoping to keep.
#3 we still haven't gotten a green light from the building department t o move forward on any of this.
#4 we are already over budget on dirt removal and still have more to go.
Hopefully these things we will be able to work out.
Worst case scenario we have to abandon the project and have the most expensive backyard remodel in town or maybe use she'll to pour a new pool into.
Only time and luck will tell from here.


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
On #1, I don't see where the size of the hole makes much difference. A hole is a hole. The same process and type of material needs to be used, just more volume and labor. But the difficulty level of the job is the same.

#2- I would certainly just do
my best to use concrete (aggregate exposed method) to make the best looking poured in place piece of coping I could. You could make a mold out of something off of an existing piece of coping. It may not match great but it would be one of those
character things and save a ton of money (see your #4).

#3- Best of luck here.

#4- Seems most everyone here goes over budget at some point. Again, not being flippant, but best of luck.

I look forward to watching a successful renovation!


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Aug 18, 2012
Bethpage (Long Island), NY
It may be a far out suggestion but I once came across a book written about the history of pools in CA. I think there was even a photo exhibit based on the book. Book discussed how pools and S. Cal culture were related. I'll see if I can find more info on the book & post it - I don't own it. Anyway, maybe, if the author is still around, he'd be interested in your project & could in some way help with the building dept. Technically, the bldg dept should care about structural safety and related but, practically, many bldg depts are influenced by politics. Connecting your project to a positive image of S. Cal culture might help.

Hopefully, the pool contractors appreciated the beauty in restoring an older pool. Maybe, they have suggestions for lawyers or strategies to help you get a permit? In my area, Long Island, NY, we call some of the lawyers and contractors who know what to do to get permits approved expediters. They are invaluable for some projects but they do add to the cost, unfortunately.


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Aug 3, 2013
long beach, CA
Bmoreswim, thanks for your input.
On holes, you are correct. If the holes had been 18" or less it could have simply been filled in with plaster. But a patch is a patch. No doubt. Hopefully, not a big deal since we hope to add a spa which would require all the same materials and hopefully patching will just be a simple extra.
I will definitely attempt to repair coping first if possible.
Building department is what it is. You would think they would appreciate the revenue and work to keep inspectors employed.
We plan on going over budget of course. Just hate to see it so early in the game with so much doubt in the air as to whether this thing can even happen or not.
I don't mean to make it sound like I'm complaining or whining about this stuff, because I'm not. People here wanted to come along for the ride and deserve to get play by play action. Ups and downs. No sugar coating. This is not reality tv. This is real reality. Anyone who may want to try something like this later needs to know what could be lurking around every corner. I wish I had something like this to go by before I started. That being said, I did find one or two similar builds on this forum and that's why I am here to document as we go. The real deal.
I appreciate all who follow along and offer advice, good or bad. Even whoever may look back on it in the future as I have for so many other builds.


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Aug 3, 2013
long beach, CA
Swimcat, so far most of the (few) pool contractors I have spoken with think that for some reason I would want to "modernize" my pool and that my coping and tile even if in good shape should be updated because they are no longer in style. Obviously these people either have no eye for aesthetic value or just want to make more money. Truth be told I would be more willing to pay extra to keep it original than to save money on newer tile and coping which my wife and I have yet to find something we would even settle for.
We both appreciate the way things were done back in the day and our entire house reflects a healthy mix of old school style with modern conveniences. Why should the pool be any different?