18' Round Strong Pools AGP - Big enough?

Mar 5, 2008
Hi all,

I've started the process for having an 18' Round Strong Pools "Colosseum Riser" (56" deep) installed this spring. Some factors went into this decision:

We don't have a huge yard, there's going to mainly just be me and my husband using it. We like to float, also like to dive under, but aren't so much into swimming laps. My husband is 6'2", I'm 5'9". We don't have a huge back yard.

Is 18' a good size or will it feel like a kiddie pool to us? We could go a little bigger, but would rather stick with something smaller & more porportional to our backyard.

Would love to hear from someone with an 18' pool, would also love to hear from someone who has a Strong Pools brand pool and how they like it for some reassurance - lol!
Mar 5, 2008
We actually went out and marked & measured again last night and the 3' seems to make a huge difference (although it is SO hard to tell when you're staring at circles on the ground), so we're going to go for it.


Jun 13, 2007
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Going from the 18' to the 21' was alot bigger, but I had an 18' Intex. I went from the 18' round, about 3' - 3.5' high, and around 6700 gallons on the Intex to 21' round, 4' high, and 10,000 gallons. The 18' was plenty enough room for 2-3 people floating around and good bit of people standing, but that's it, no diving or swimming laps. I'm happy with the new 21', but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. I haven't taken any pictures, yet, but after the deck is built, I will try to get some pictures. Good luck, I hope the 21' works for you.


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Apr 5, 2007
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Hi there :)

We were also limited in the size of the pool that we could get because of our yard. A 21' pool was the very largest we could fit. Is the 21' large enough? It seems plenty big for us and our three kids.

Sure bigger would be better...but that wasn't an option. If your limited in pool size like we were...get the largest pool that you could fit. No matter if that's an 18' or a 21'...so be it. Build it and enjoy!

Mar 5, 2008
Thanks all - We spoke to the pool company, the town & the installer and everyone is on board with the 21' change now. We could actually probably "fit" up to 24' (could even "fit" a larger oval), but that would mean less yard, closer to the house, etc. etc. I think we would've been happy with 18, but might have always felt that we should've gone a little bigger, so 21 was a good comprimise. Again - so hard to tell when you're not actually in the pool. The 21' looked a little more proportional to the 10x10' deck we plan to put in too (we think).

Now we just have to continue to wait until it's warm enough to install it! Having all this time to think, over-analyze & second guess everything is killing us!!!

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