1700rpm for skimmer and vacuum on VS3050 normal?

Oct 12, 2007
I just had a VS3050 installed and am trying to find out how low I can run it at with my skimmer and dedicated vacuum lines open, and still get good vacuuming. Right now it looks like the floor is about 1700rpm. At 1500rpm I have to shut off the skimmer line to get good vacuuming. Does that sound about right? The pump sounds about like a diaphragm aquarium pump at that speed, just a low hum. I have 2" plumbing and just the skimmer and vacuum lines (main drain goes into skimmer). Filter is a Mytilus 150sq ft cartridge, returns are four in the pool and four jets in the attached spa. Pool is 15k gallon in-ground gunite with attached spa. I'd be very happy if I could reduce my electricity usage by 75%. Old pump was a 2hp Pentair Challenger (way oversized).


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May 7, 2007
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1700 rpm while vacuuming sounds plausible, but you presumably aren't vacuuming all the time and so could run at a lower speed when you aren't vacuuming.