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Thread: old wall rusted & loose

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    old wall rusted & loose

    Help, We moved into an older house with an above ground pool that has been empty for a long time. Liner is still in it but ripped and no water. Full deck completely around it.
    Filter pump will run (short burst just to check it).

    Problem is that the walls in a couple of sections are rusted completely through along the bottom and no longer reach the track/bottom thing that holds them. It would be below the sand cove when installed.

    Is this a total loss? We really can't afford a new pool.

    Would it be possible to place boards inside the deck posts and backfill to support the walls from the outside? w/copious duct tape to protect a new liner. or will this just fail in that spectactular way that only the lucky get on film.
    The rest of the structure looks ok just old.


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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    I don't know if it would fail or not, but I wouldn't want to risk a new liner on it. A new liner can be right pricey, too. I'd check craigslist and see if anyone's selling their AGP in your area. Seems like there's been quite a few around here in middle TN that have advertised theirs, usually as "come and take it down and save $$$$".
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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    My friend bought a brand new pool on CL for $50! She got the deal of the century! They too had to take it down but $50 was worth it if you ask me.
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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    If you can't afford a "real" above ground pool buy an Intex pool from wal-mart. They work.
    If the walls are rusted don't bother trying to patch it up you can possibly kill someone. I had a customer who was in their pool when the rusty wall opened up like a zipper and she held onto the steps for dear life. The water force from the above ground pool actually nudged her car and busted through her neighbors front door. Play it safe.
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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    If the sections aren't too high up on the wall, I think I would go to the local Home Depot, etc, get some coiled steel, they sell it in different widths, some good construction adhesive, & Pop rivets. I'd cut it past the length I needed, glue it to the wall, & pop rivet it in. I'd follow up with duct tape & then some 1/8" wall foam to cover the seams & rivets, & I think you would be good to go. That is if it isn't rusted up the wall too far. I'm not advocating you doing anything that would be unsafe, it's just what I might try doing. Good luck.
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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    my pool wall just had a little rust on it and it busted today!!luckly me and the kids had just got out 5 min prior...i wouldnt suggest using it...

    any one know where i can get a new pool wall?? 18ft 52in tall... all i think i will need is the wall
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    Re: old wall rusted & loose

    The guy we bought our wedding cake steps from (craigslist, of course!) got a used 16 x 32 Doughboy off craigslist, had to remove it, had a company reinstall it in his back yard - partially buried and already had a deck around it. Gosh, it looked great! That's what motivated us to go ahead and get our deck built (in progress now). But you'd never have known he got the pool for free off cl, although the freebie meant taking it down and moving it himself! Since you're already "sight-ready", half the work is already done for you, if you decide to go for the craigslist route!
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