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Thread: Two Year Newbie with a couple questions!

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    Two Year Newbie with a couple questions!

    I sold my house in 2016 and decided to rent one of the rentals I manage for my company until prices go back down. (Sell high, buy low, right?) When the company bought this house, it came with an in ground pool that hadn't been covered or maintained for over two years. Needless to say, we had a mallard family and about 100 frogs residing in this dark brown, sludgy pond. My dad and his BFF, which I now lovingly call "Two Old Men and a Hose", spent many, many weekends dragging the bottom with nets (finding two lawn chairs which was a bonus) and about 50 big windstorms worth of leaves and twigs. After about $2000 in chemicals, new sand in the filter, 100 hrs by the Two Old Men, we had a crystal clear pool, cranked the gas heat up to 82 and had an amazing summer. Because we live in the northern most corner of the PNW, my gas bill for two months equaled about what I paid in an entire year at my previous home possibly more.

    We bought a winter cover 50x25 to cover the 45x20 pool. About two weeks ago, Three Old Men and a Hose (formerly know as Two Old Men and a Hose), decided to come up and remove the cover (a bit prematurely I might add). We had many cold winter nights so I'd run the filter and ran a space heater in the pool house nearly all winter, also continuing to add chlorine spikes in the whatever it's called on the top of the piping near the filter. It was no surprise that the pool was crystal clear as I left it when to cover came off. Luckily, the Three Old Men spent all day scrubbing, cleaning, drying and folding the winter cover. We are ready to crank the heat as soon as school gets out.

    Now I've noticed that the breaker for the filter has flipped several times. I keep checking the skimmer and pump filters and they are all clear. It's running at 20 psi. Anything I should be concerned with on that? If so, who do you call? Electrician, pool store?

    Also looking for best recommendation for summer pool blanket to at least try to hold the heat in as our summers are typically low 70's. I found an old roller here but it's pretty rickety (and too tall for under the diving board) and I don't want to invest a ton on a rental. Yet natural gas savings could offset. Ideas?

    I look forward to learning for you all and enjoying the pool time while I have it and thank you in advance!


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    Re: Two Year Newbie with a couple questions!

    The breaker -- call an electrician. He can put an ammeter on the wiring and tell you if there's too much current going to the motor or of you have a weak breaker. The breaker is a no-brainer to replace. If the pump is bad, changing it isn't all that hard. You can usually leave the wet end and all the plumbing in place and just disconnect the electric and unbolt the plate and pump and slide it out. Then you swap the motor and seal and reassemble it with a new gasket.

    The bubble-wrap covers are probably the most economical. Don't spend a fortune on a real nice one since they all rot in a couple years from UV light anyway.
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    Re: Two Year Newbie with a couple questions!

    Welcome to TFP Polly,

    You'll do well around here with that funny, and very clever sense of humor.

    Enjoy your stay...
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