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Thread: Noob from Raleigh, NC!

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    Noob from Raleigh, NC!

    Hello! Just bought a house over the summer that has a 24' AGP. Wasn't opened last year and since we bought at the very end of the summer, we didn't open it either. My husband said the owner told him he didn't open it last year but that the water should be somewhat clear. Not believing him, we looked - and he was right. It was very dirty for sure, but you could see to the bottom. So now the issue is that although I grew up with a pool and even installed a few Intex pools myself (with salt filters), now that we have this pre-existing one we aren't familiar with (that also isn't salt), we are completely clueless. Also looking to somehow convert it to salt but I'm pretty sure it has a sand filter (which I have zero experience with) so don't even have a clue if that's possible... and that's why I'm here! lol. Hoping to get some ideas on where to start. Thanks for the add!

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    Re: Noob from Raleigh, NC!

    Hello and welcome to TFP! All of your questions are easily answered here at TFP. Click on the Pool School button at the top or the link in my sig below, then on the left menu select "Table of Contents" for an easy view of any topics that apply to you. First thing's first, click EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE. It will help us later.

    About some of your concerns:
    - Open your pool as soon as you can. Post a full set of test results from your TF-100 (or Taylor K-2006C) and we can help you from there. If you don't have one of those test kits, I would make that priority #1. TF-100 link in my sig below.
    - The fact this is a non-SWG pool is no big deal. All it means is you have to add chlorine (i.e. regular bleach) just about each day versus a SWG component plumbed into your system that creates it automatically. You can always add that later, but for now you must add bleach consistently each day. Again, testing wit the right kit is #1.
    - The sand filter should give you piece of mind and easy of cleaning (via backwashing) which many people like very much. We have many, many threads here at TFP about sand filters, and you can view many sand filter 101 videos on YouTube as well.

    In the end, it starts with the right test kit. We want to help you keep the water clear and sanitized. Take that into consideration and let us know if you have any questions we can help with. Nice to have you with us.
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