12,000 IG Hotel Pool Intellichlor IC 60 flashing lights.

I work at a hotel in Anchorage Alaska, that has an indoor pool, 12,000 Gallons. It was installed in November 2015. Last week everything was great. This week, I'm getting a red flow light, and alternating flashing red and green on the salt levels. IC60 is operated by an intellichlor CG power center. Everything looks good there. It's assisted by an Acu-Trol AK110 water chemistry controller. Flow rate is 70gpm, acid cleaned CG recently to ensure build up wasn't the issue. Filter sand replaced and filter pressure reads 20. Back flushed this evening, Sanitizer output at 100%, salt level is 4000, tested local with meter and at pool supply store. When powering on, it goes straight to the alternating flashing salt lights and red flow light, it no longer seems to go into the initial self test that it used to. All valves are in the full open position, skimmer and pump strainer baskets are clear of debris. Pump pressure is 25. Pump is a Pentair whisperflow high performance pump 3/4 Hp.

Holding down the "more" button for 3 seconds initiates a self test, cell light is green, cold water is red and flow light shuts off. After self test competes, flow light goes back to solid red, salt level lights again go flashing red and green, cell and cold water lights go out. No Chlorine output being done. Currently having to use liquid Chlorine to keep the pool open.

FC = 3.0
CC = 0.4
pH = 7.6
ORP = 636
TA = 100
CH = 300
Temp = 84.2
SI = 0.1
SAL = 4000 (yeah I added a little bit much).

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Unfortunately you have a bad cell. It's the electronics that are failing and not the plates. The problem with those combined units is that if one part fails you have to replace the entire cell.

The commercial warranty on the IC60 is two years or 15,000 operating hours so it should still be under warranty.
Thank you very much Bama Rambler. I thought that was the case, but my maintenance supervisor wanted another opinion. He's sure that he can "reset" the IC60, although I've found no factual, actual way to do so.

I thought I'd given appropriate information to the issue, and since no one has said otherwise, I feel I was correct.

Thanks again.