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Thread: When to test pool?

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    When to test pool?

    I'm new to pool testing and want to know when to test chlorine levels? Should I wait a certain amount of time after there have been swimmers in before testing? Will CC levels be high right after swimmers exit the pool until the FC has had a chance to break it down? The PH is 7.6, CYA level is below 20, TA is 140, FC level is 6 with a CC of 1.5-2 after swimmers got out. It was about 0.5 yesterday awhile after swimmers got out. I need to add acid to drop the TA but I'm not sure what to do with the chlorine. We use chlorine pucks or sticks with a chlorine feeder and it's an indoor 33,000 gallon vinyl pool with a leak in it so I have to add water fairly constantly and it's high in TA so I have to knock the TA down fairly regularly. I use a DPD test kit in a Taylor 2006C kit. My nephew was okay swimming in the water but lately he's been getting quite a rash so I'd like to figure out how to fix it so he can use the pool without staying up all night itching! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: When to test pool?

    Hi calraj and welcome to TFP! I just saw your post and wanted to help get you started. Based on your description above, I can see the best thing you can do is read our Pool School link (in my sig below). Read the "ABCs", and other starter pages that way you won't be too overwhelmed when we start to assist.

    A couple pointers about your posts though: Every pool needs Free Chlorine (FC) for sanitation. It also needs stabilizer to buffer that FC and protect it from the sun's UV. There's a balance to those two items you'll learn in the ABCs of Water Chemistry. In my sig below you'll also see the CYA/Chlorine Chart and Recommended Levels pages. You'll use those everyday.

    So start there please and let us know if you still have questions. We need to act fast though because if you are still reading an elevated CC of 1-2 ppm, you may start seeing algae soon and we want to avoid that if we can help it. Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: When to test pool?

    Assuming you really mean indoor.....

    Since you are dealing with an indoor pool, I would keep CYA at or below 20ppm..... Personally, I believe I would test at the same time every day, but a time at which all of the swimmers would be out of the pool and gone. IOW, fairly late. What you would really like to do is keep the FC and CC at a steady state.... or as close as practical.

    If you ever check the water and have CC above .5ppm, you have issues of poor sanitation. You would most assuredly have a full blown algae bloom if your FC wasn't so high..... and for a properly maintained indoor pool it doesn't need to go that high.

    As Texas Splash suggests, the information you need is in Pool School and I really think you probably need to SLAM the, I'd give that topic a thorough reading....

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