1.5 hp VS vs 3 hp VS power usage


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May 22, 2013
Hudson, WI
Really need to upgrade from my old single speed 1.5 HP pump. Don't have any water features and only thing I would like is maybe adding solar panels in the future. Part of the reason to upgrade is to save on electricity and I'm wondering if going with 3 HP VS will still make sense in operating cost but give me the power I need should I start adding panels on the roof ?
I should know the answer to this but I'm just not clear. If I'm running both motors at lower speeds like 1500 rpm so neither is working that hard do they both draw about the same power ?
The 3 HP would be overkill presently but it's not that much more to purchase and would be helpful should I need to pump the water up about 23'.



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Jul 7, 2014
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There is no such thing as "overkill" when using a VS pump.. A large VS pump will move more water at a lower RPM.. The difference in cost to run VS pump at a low RPM is almost nothing.

I run my 3 HP IntelliFlo 24/7, mostly at 1200 RPM, for less than $20 bucks a month. At some point there is not much left to save.

The slower you run it, the quieter it is...


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