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    Vacuuming technique question

    I have a 15' above ground pool and following a week of intense storms, my chlorine levels dropped and the water became milky. I shocked the pool and used Leslie's UltraBright Advanced to clarify the water, with the expectation that I would be able to vacuum the muck. It;s been 10 days and I just...
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    How do I remove bubbles from vacuum when flocking the pool

    hi,I recently moved into a home with a pool of 30,000 gallons, I’ve done my fair share of research bought all the chemicals and so forth, I superclorinated the pool when I first moved in with about 25 gallons of liquid chlorine which killed the algae in the pool And turn it from dark green to a...
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    Building a portable vac to remove dead algae... Had a question about the pump

    Hi there, So, for context: I have an in-ground pool which developed an annoying case of algae. The algae is now dead but there is a ridiculous amount of dead algae at the bottom of my pool. Problem is, my pool pump system is an old cartridge based system - I have no vac to waste option and...