Building a portable vac to remove dead algae... Had a question about the pump


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May 19, 2019
Hi there,

So, for context: I have an in-ground pool which developed an annoying case of algae. The algae is now dead but there is a ridiculous amount of dead algae at the bottom of my pool. Problem is, my pool pump system is an old cartridge based system - I have no vac to waste option and currently there is a suction issue in the skimmer basket.

So I purchased an above-ground pool pump to build a portable vacuum to vac all of the dead algae out into the yard.

Here's the problem - I received the pump and upon opening the box today, I realized the directions mention and are adamant about electrical grounding. I referenced other posts and videos of folks going in a similar route as myself and I haven't seen an electrical ground on these portable builds in videos (that I can see), nor can I find any information on this.

Is this safe to plug up and use without grounding the pump since it's a) not going to be installed into my main pool system and b) will not be physically next to the pool and c) will only be used for a small amount of time maybe once or twice a year? Or do I need to return this pump and look for something else?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, this is literally the last thing holding me back from having my pool in working order for summer!

Thank you!
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