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    Wet niche grounding and bonding for 12v pool light that uses a transformer (Poolexa).

    Hi all, I replaced my 120v lighting with a Poolexa lighting system. It's a Controller/Transformer combo which is fed 120V from GFCI and outputs 12v to the light. The light is mounted to a metal niche. The light cable runs through the old junction box, through the old conduit, and eventually...
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    wiring intermatic transformer px300

    hi guys can anyone can explain me how to wire the px300 transformer thanks
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    Pool Lighting questions

    Hello, I have 120V lighting for my pool and spa. I have a few questions regarding how to convert to 12V for safety reasons. I do not have a transformer. 1) The spa and pool lights are turned on and off from my controller separately, Does this mean I would need 2 transformers to continue to be...
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    Pool light wiring question

    Hello, I just replaced my old Giammanco pool light transformer with the px300. The wires coming out of the pool side pipe are labeled 12,13,14,0 (all black), and a single white wire. From the old schematic, attached, looks like I connect the two black leads from the px300 to 12 (the voltage of...