test results

  1. C

    First real test results + first signs of green algae - advice appreciated!

    First, thank you so much in advance to anyone who is able to offer advice. We became new pool owners last summer, and an algae issue completely got away from us. We followed advice from the pool store and spent 6 weeks trying to fix it before closing it for the winter and never really enjoying...
  2. A

    TF-Pro Test Kit vs. Local Shop Test..??

    New to all of this and I've been reading all the content here (thanks for that!) I ordered a TF-Pro Salt with SmartStir that I just received yesterday. I ran my first set of tests with it and seemed to be okay with it. The numbers I logged came out about the same as I got with the basic...
  3. S

    Conflicting information for testing CYA

    This page says to glance and not look for the black dot, but this page says to continue pouring until "all traces of the black dot at the bottom of the view tube completely disappears, even after you stare at it for several seconds." Which one is right?
  4. R

    Pool has been cloudy all season, test results in - any advice?

    Hi everyone - My parents just got their pool tested as it's been cloudy since they opened it back in May. Local pool store said the "water is great", but it being still cloudy, made me want to ask you all for any suggestions on what is needed? More vacuuming, more backwash? Looks like the FC...
  5. Colonel K0rn

    Had to leave the house unexpectedly last week, had lots of rainfall

    Last Tuesday, I took my wife to the ER for illness, and she was admitted later that day, and had to have surgery. Her recovery time is 6-8 weeks. That being said, I have spent the past week with her in the hospital, coming home to change clothes and shower, and maybe take a nap. My two "adult"...