1. jasonwbaggett

    PSI for Sandfilter Never Seems to Increase

    Hi everyone! In a nutshell, I feel like I've never seen my gauge increase more than few PSI following a backwash. It runs around 16psi --- and can stay that way for weeks. Invariably, I get antsy and choose to backwash even though water flow from the returns feels good. Could this just be a...
  2. G

    Order of operation

    I’m thoroughly confused. I have an 16x32x52 Intex ultra frame with the sand filter/swg. Different advice all over the place. I want to know when I add salt, chemicals to balance, backwash, turning on the pump, turning on the swg. Some people say salt first, others say salt last after you’ve...
  3. A

    Cloudy water, low outlet pressure

    I recently upgraded to an Intex Krystal Clear 1200 gph Sand Filter pump combo on my round intex 15' x 48" pool and I have already had to drain once because of cloudy water and very small particles that would fall to bottom of pool. When I would try and vacuum, the particles were too small to...
  4. K

    Slight leak at screw fitting on sand filter

    Hi Folks, Looking for some advice on a small leak. I replaced my filter last year, and am seeing a small leak (1 drip every few seconds) from the screw-in connections as shown in the picture. I used a reasonable amount of teflon tape, though it seems the screw-in fitting went all the way in...
  5. M

    High Pressure on Hayward S244T Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with a pool, dont really know anything about this. The water is green, when the filter is off, it is at 40PSI, when on it goes up to 50-60 PSI, seems really high. I tryed to backwash but it still stays the same.
  6. thefloatqueen

    Intex Krystal Clear Sand Pump Filter Opinions!

    Hi everyone! This may seem pointless as I have not bought my pool yet but I know it will be a large size Intex Ultra Frame. I know the pump that it comes with is junk, so I was looking on Amazon and found excellent reviews for the 16” Intex Krystal Clear Sand Pump. It’s the largest one they...