1. S

    Stone Scapes Mini Pebble vs. Quartzscape Level 1 vs. Diamondbrite

    Hi there, we are redoing the plaster and waterline tiles. We asked for 3 quotes and the price of the tiling job is pretty much the same for all (~$3.5k). The plaster job including prep and re-balancing is not greatly different for Metamax (PB1), Quartzscape Level 1 (PB2) and Diamond Brite (PB3)...
  2. HiddenRiver

    Suggestions to partially close pool light niche

    We are in the middle of having our gunnite pool resurfaced with quartzite. The contractor has patched all the cracks and removed and replaced most of the surface plaster and sprayed on grout (I guess) and then sprayed on a grey rough layer to which the new surface will adhere. We were delayed...
  3. G

    Aquabright or plaster as a resurfacing option?

    We live in Massachusetts, 30k gallon gunite with plaster finish and attached spa, built in the 90's, chlorine chemistry, DE filter, natural gas heater. We have lived here 3 years so we're not sure if/when it has been re-plastered but it is ready for it now. The entire pool feels like you're...
  4. Duskrider

    Re-Plaster happening, pool drained, algae in pipes... help!

    Hello TFP, What an adventure. We had our pool re-plastered last year because the original plaster was starting to scrape our knees. The company we used plasters one day, leaves the pool dry overnight, and then acid washes the next day before filling it. Not sure I'm a fan of that, but it's...
  5. N

    Pool replaster

    I need help. We just remodeled our pool and had it replastered. When the water was filled in the jets were turned on and we discovered there was a huge crack in the pipes allowing dirt and rocks to shoot into the pool. They fixed the pipes and came to clean the pool. Dirt and rocks were still in...
  6. S

    discolored spot in pool

    This is a 15 years old pool, I have owned it since last year. I use the method I learned from this website to maintain my pool. The most recent test data is like this - Location:Texas -Chlorine : 10 (only add liquid chlorine from local Pinch A Penny store, twice a week and about 0.8-1 gal...
  7. Q

    Should I replaster?

    Hi, My pool was built in 2005 and pool service company said there is a need to replaster. Technically since it is already 15 years old, it is time to replaster. I have no idea how bad it is and here is some pictures.
  8. G

    Help from the experts please? Black algae vs replaster?

    First let me preface this by saying that I suck at pool work... I've been trying and last year I did well keeping up with levels. This year is a different story. The electrical conduit that runs out to the pool rotted away - The upper part of the cartridge filter cracked open - Then the lower...
  9. ManiacalMama

    Small pool reno with cabo shelf

    Our original plain white replaster project has turned into a medium gray quartz, tile cleaning and adding a small cabo shelf . I know y'all like pictures so here's some to start, I'll update as the project progresses!