Stone Scapes Mini Pebble vs. Quartzscape Level 1 vs. Diamondbrite


Nov 17, 2017
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Hi there,

we are redoing the plaster and waterline tiles. We asked for 3 quotes and the price of the tiling job is pretty much the same for all (~$3.5k). The plaster job including prep and re-balancing is not greatly different for Metamax (PB1), Quartzscape Level 1 (PB2) and Diamond Brite (PB3) at around ~$7.5k. PB1 also offered Stone Scapes Mini Pebble for $2k more.

Metamax appears to be an inferior product at the same price point compared to Quartzscape and Diamond Brite (apart from lack of color choice). From what I read in the various threats (btw fantastic site) the main difference between a pebble and a quartz finish is - apart from the price in our case - looks, roughness and potentially life expectancy.

Knowing what I read I am leaning towards Diamond Brite with PB3.

Should I take anything else into consideration? Any concerns with switching to SWG with one of the finishes?

Thanks for the help.
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